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How to choose plastic bottles

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How to choose plastic bottles

Since the plasticizer incident was exposed, the spread has become larger and larger, and people are in danger for a short time. Consumers careful point can find that many of the size of the supermarket has been Taiwan drinks off the shelves, the public want to buy can not buy, but this does not mean that it is safe. Plasticizer is widely used in the plastic products industry. If used carelessly, it is very likely to be accidentally injured.

Plastic spray bottle

PVC film should not touch greasy food

In a supermarket, a warm reminder is very striking: PVC plastic wrap should not touch food with grease; Only PE plastic wrap can be used for packaged meat and cooked food. PE plastic wrap does not contain plasticizer. The implication is that PVC plastic wrap contains plasticizer. Plasticizer, as a kind of chemical raw material, is widely used in children's toys and food packaging materials. For example, when used correctly in food packaging, plasticizers are generally not released, but when used incorrectly, such as at high temperatures, problems can occur. The reporter learned that someone had done such an experiment, bought some plastic lunch boxes and ultra-thin plastic bags in the market, in the average temperature of the citizens to put food under 60℃ test will release plasticizer. After the test, the water temperature is at 60℃, two plastic products in the water solution detected a trace of plasticizer.

Beverage bottles above 70℃ harm human body

Most food oil drums and beverage bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET has a characteristic: it is heat-resistant to 70℃. It is easy to deform when it is filled with high-temperature liquid or heated, and harmful substances will melt out of it. And scientists found that after 10 months of use, PET bottles can release a carcinogen plasticizer that is toxic to testicles.

How do you know what plastic food packaging is made of and how to use it correctly? A supermarket owner told the reporter, very simple, plastic bottles at the bottom of the triangle with an arrow, triangle inside the number, if it is "1", it is proved to be made of PET. If it's a 2, it's made of HDPE. The reporter visited the supermarket found that the shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning supplies bottle bottom most marked "2". In addition, "2" is also used to produce food plastic bags, it can only withstand 110℃, it is best not to heat directly, otherwise it will produce harmful substances.

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